Shootout to fellow human beings…

There’s still a long long time for thanksgiving (not that I celebrate it) but I realised toady that I actually have a lot to be thankful and grateful about and all of these things and/or people deserve to be acknowledged…

The first person I’d like to thank is my brother who might scream at me and make me feel as if he doesn’t like me anymore but I know that deep deep down he does, a lot and I do too maybe even a little more than he does. I’m thankful for a human I have interacted with for 15 years who could not be a better brother and of course while I’m on the topic of family both my parents count obviously and big time and so does my doggie- the oldie who lets me treat him like a baby, I don’t know where I would be without him

Next I’d like to thank this weirdo who I’m lucky to call my best friend, she’s the only one who would listen to me complain about the same stupid and petty thing for at least an hour and then go through the same process the next day… she’s the one I know I can call at 3 am knowing that she’ll always answer and she’ll always say the exact words to calm me down, she’s the one I can experiment twerking next to and she’s the one who will be my best friend forever and we will slay as grandma’s, I’ve always seen this edit which says that God made us best friends because he knew that no mom would be able to handle us as sisters and here it definitely applies..

I’d thank books if they could read this… for making me laugh and making me cry, for transporting me to a world separate from this reality…

I’d thank being able to write as I do whether it’s good or bad is for you to decide but I’d still like to thank it for being there when I didn’t know what to do with what I was feeling, thank words for arranging them in an order that made sense even when my feelings didn’t, not really…

Never the least I’d like to thank and give all my love to my friends they’re important people in my life, they’re shaping me to be the person I am right now and I can’t say it enough to all of them… thank you to those who will try to make me feel better about myself when I’m crying over a bad mark in math, thank you to those who make me happier with just their presence, to those who dance with just as much energy and pure happiness,to those who tell me I look cute or pretty or something on the weirdest pictures even when I don’t believe them and to those who stay up 2 hours later than the time they usually sleep to talk to me about nothing yet everything at the same time…

I really need to say this to their faces more often…


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