My Mother…

My mother has taught me absolutely everything I know. There is no doubt about it. She has taught me how to be patient and how be compassionate and empathise but she has also told the cruel reality that in this world we are alone to fend for ourselves. My mom has loved me and taken care of me and brought me up just for me to not care about that and really I find that sad and right now I might hate myself for a lot of things but I hate myself most for the fact that I never thank her for everything she does, that I never manage to see how she’s really feeling, that I never apologise for my mistakes. My mother has taught me how to laugh and be happy and I never want to be the reason for her tears. She has taught me to be myself but be polite,be loud and open but know when not to mom is the absolute best at what she does..being a mom
Now she may not see this and maybe I don’t want her to but I just needed to say this because this mothers day is the only one I didn’t request my Dad to wake me up early so that I could make coffee for her, it’s the only one when I haven’t made a card and somehow it just feels different…
But be that as it may I still love her and don’t tell her that enough…
So an extremely happy mother’s day to the bestest bestest bestest mommy ever… I love you ten thousand times more than that..


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