Complicated processes

Making friends is such a complicated process, it’s a paradox in itself and as much as I like paradox’s,making friends has to be one of the more complicated ones.
With friends what does the word ‘aap’ mean? yet you can’t insult them too much for what would happen should they get offended? It would an absolute disaster.
So when you do reach the point where you guys are comfortable talking to each other the question arises how often should you talk to each other? How often should you meet up? You don’t want them to think you’re needy or very desperate to become their friend yet you can’t stop talking to them altogether otherwise they’ll think that you’re not a good friend at all…
Are you guys getting my point yet??
Now what if two of your friends start to fight? Not only are you left being the middleman but are forced to choose a side and then an argument starts on that because both people want you to support them. After you make your decision though, its not left or forgotten at that, No..the person you chose has to brag that you chose their side and not the others..
Is this getting a little confusing?? Ah, well that is what happens when your friends fight…
Okay continuing..moreover the person you apparently didn’t choose when you were just stating facts, sends you  a very long and a very sentimental message and just like that a friendship you worked so hard for and the other person worked so hard for, for at least 3 years vanishes and becomes a relationship of hate…how nice, right??
Now after this post you guys might say that I’m a very cynical and somewhat asocial person yet you are wrong, if you knew me you would clearly know that I’m the exact opposite.. well not truly exact because I am a little shy and a lot awkward but that’s okay because this just bring me to my next point..never judge a book by its cover and I know you guys would have been sick and tired o hearing this sentence but look at it this way..
Say there’s a stranger before you, looks average leaning towards the good side, speaks well yet is so shy that you don’t end up talking a lot at all which is something you can’t stop yourself from doing..would you still relentlessly try to be their friend and get them to open up because you know they’d be a good friend or ignore in the sense of trying to be their friend because they don’t talk??
Enough said and I have made my point so yes making friends is extremely complicated but how boring would the world be without them and so you go through all of this and more and there could no better gift than actually having friends who care about and would go to the ends of the world for you


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