Happy new year!

I guess all of us have different expectations of this and the last year. Right now, you expect me to write that I have made so many resolutions and hope to fulfill them, you expect me to be over excited for this change of year and happy and living as a different person. However, I’m very sorry to disappoint and tell you that this year I have no resolutions whatsoever, do not think I can change and to be perfectly honest with you guys I’m kinda sad as to how 2015 turned out to be. Yes it did have its happy moments and at times I did have fun but I also cannot deny overall for 2015 I was kinda sad. Yes I started high school, did all of that stuff but is that excitement of the moment ever enough to last the entire year? I’m pretty sure that for a lot of you guys 2015 was spectacular and nothing could have been better but I just felt a little left out this time. Also Sherlock didn’t come out with episodes this year so.. Yeah that was sad. Anyways back to all seriousness all I can do currently is wish you guys a very very happy new year and hope as I have always done that tomorrow will be better than today!!
Happy new year guys, just have fun, sing like you’re in the shower and dance like no one’s watching!!


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