Battles and wars

When life beats you down the only thing you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready to fight another battle. Our everyday life is a raging war of thoughts, aspirations, dreams and dilemmas. Each decision is made weighing all the pros and all the cons, all the advantages and all the disadvantages because after all that is what is shaping our future, the smallest decision of should I keep studying or should I go out to play affects us too. The decisions are very influential yet they are not extraordinary, just something you decide in your head for a second and go with it.
“Just do it”, I’m pretty sure we all know this phrase. A picture of the Nike logo flashes in our minds. But this, it is not just a brand motto for me, it is an inspiration, telling me to act rather than think about it. Instead of conducting an internal debate, just act, go with the flow of things and think back later because I believe that sometimes our instincts are smarter than our brains


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