To the amazing person who wrote to me

A month ago someone read my blog and wrote to me telling me how beautiful she thought it was. Today I would first like to thank her as because of her I have a little more faith that my writing actually gets across to anyone who reads this small blog of mine. I would like to thank her as what she wrote gave me a little more confidence to walk holding my head high. As I read the letter even today, it makes me smile as even though I have never met her she made feel a lottle better with just her way with words. I would love to thank her for actually taking out the time to not only actually read what little I had written but write to me as well.

But mostly I would like to tell her in person one day that “thank you” that she believed me to have all those qualities- something I would never have done on my own, I still am hesitant to believe because I think if I do might jinx it for myself. She believed me to be a good person, I am so grateful Didi that you actually did that. I hope this expresses at least half of what I feel about that letter.

I guess beautiful people still do exist in the world.

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