A best friend

A spotted snout
and a black wet nose
you certainly won’t go near
the water in the hose

Spotted paws
and a spotted tail
A walk works anytime
even through rain and hail

And I know that you
don’t like a lot of noise
because you scold clouds
for rumbling too loud
and firecrackers
for bursting too loud
and generally everyone
for there’s much noise around

Now I may not know
every bark,yip and growl
but I do get what you mean
and trust me when I say this
It is so amusing that you know
what I mean too.

When you’re ready to play
beware things around the house
a towel,a piece of clothing, a shoe or a slipper
nothing is safe anymore

You may not jump up and down
and you may not respond as you did
but that doesn’t matter,my spotted nose
as long as you remember
I have loved you since I was one
and I will love you forevermore

But I just hope
and sometimes believe
that you will too.


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