A home

on the second floor
stands a small house
hollow and empty

no more a beloved home
neither to me
nor to the family that came after

a home it used to be
a home to my family and me
a home to my darling spotted dog
a home where everything was clear
even math and the fog

brilliant pictures you could click
the sun shone every minute
and in the rains
expect a shower every 5 mins

it is a house now
no corner cherished
no cranny loved
and no longer is every corner filled

it just sits empty
sad and lonely
and such grief i feel
and think
this could not be real

that lovely cherished home
whose each nook and cranny
held secrets and loving memories
of the 7 years it had been filled

and it pains me to see
that today
that place is longer a home
just a plain and empty house


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