Darkness…Day out, Day in

The setting sun.It was beautiful today. Though it always is, isn’t it?

I noticed it’s a little different everywhere. a glowing orange ball in noida, a little purple tinge in greater noida but I never noticed it in Leh. I guess the little twinkling gems in the night sky over powered the burning flames of the bright orange sun. Leh, I agree with Babur, it truly is paradise on earth. But that’s not what I really wanted to say. The thing is today I was in my school bus when i saw it (it being the setting sun) and a friend of mine brought to my attention something which I’ve always thought but never realized.That  though the setting sun may be pretty and magnificent, it brings about a feeling of melancholy to the heart.

I guess what I really wanted to say was I think I know why that is.The setting sun brings darkness with not enough light from the little twinkling gems and the silveriness of the night. while walks in the moonlight and dark are nice, the dark, the mysterious is not a way to end the day.If you consider, our days start and end in darkness,those hours after the sun has set though it is not yet the next day and those few hours from 12 in the night to 6 in the morning before the sun even rises. The darkness. I don’t know if this feeling is there in everybody but I just don’t like the darkness I don’t know why maybe I’m scared of the unknown but I just don’t like it. So much darkness makes me sad, just sad.


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