All roses, no thorns

Now I know this is a late reaction to the new on going song ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift. Many people quote one line of this song-“cause darling i’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”.I agree this line sounds nice and means a lot but I prefer to quote another line which comes a little before this one-“rose garden filled with thorns”.I believe life is a rose garden filled with thorns, very mesmerizing to look at but filled with little problems and sadness’ which prick you like thorns the devil has sent .Ever tried walking a mile in other people’s shoes?Ever tried to see what other’s people’s thorns were like?life is just as tough for everybody.But i also believe that  there are moments,those good days when maybe something you wanted didn’t happen but you JUST are in a good mood, in a mood that a laugh on a stupid pj is a ten minute laugh, sometimes those are not even days but moments that can light up the most miserable of days , moments you are literally rolling on the floor laughing, I believe these are the moments or days that are worth living for.Living through the ups and the downs, through the good and the bad for those specific moments when everything is sound and happy and not a worry exists, there is no homework to be finished for tomorrows monday morning or so you think, there is not a thought that can destroy this ultimate ecstatic mood, when life is all roses and no thorns.I love those moments, I love to laugh till my stomach aches, laugh till I cry.I’m happy to have a place where I can write my heart out, delighted to have one like my ballet class which can transform the most miserable days into good ones (if my teacher is in a good mood) but most of all I love to have all my friends and family and the most loving older yet younger brother named Toby (the most darling and adorable and buddhu Dalmatian the world has seen) because they take me to a place where life is all roses and no thorns.


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