2015…..a new year!!!!

A new year.

New friends,Old friends, new memories and old memories. All to be honored and made this new year. All 31,536,000 moments to be lived to their fullest this new year.A new year, a new beginning, forgetting the bad and keeping the warmth and happiness close to the heart.The heart that wishes that it could be more optimistic,the heart that seeks love and happiness 24/365 basically throughout life.

A new year.

New promises,new obligations,and new resolutions.All to be fulfilled but in their own time.Priorities to be sorted but first the all the excitement of 2015 to be taken in. Promises to be thought through before being made because this kind of a heart break is worse than any other.

A new year.

Hopes for it to be happy. It shouldn’t stop at hopes.The silver lining to be sought after.The heart to finally feel more optimistic and me to be happy on the inside.

A very happy and hopeful joyful new year to all of you.


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