Okay so for English literature right now we are studying ‘Lines Written In Early Spring’ by William Wordsworth Yesterday we read the poem once but did not do anything else we talked about poetry and the kind of poetry we liked,if we did like it.So then my teacher asked about if we remembered a few lines which really popped at us if you know what I mean.not many children spoke actually none spoke and then my teacher told us a few lines which popped at her,which she really liked.So this was from the last stanza of a poem-I don’t remember which or the poet unfortunately so these were the lines:

“To see the universe in a grain of sand,
To see heaven in a white flower,
To hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
To spend eternity in an hour”

The first two are okay but I really really like the last two lines. They mean a lot,are very deep yet very simple.There can be very many interpretations of these lines as so for every piece of poetry but to me it is very clear,the last two lines talk about man’s greed,materialism and the want to be able to do everything they want.I also like what the first two lines mean for me:they talk about man’s abilities and man’s insight and a little bit about man’s spirituality.(I need to realize not everything talks about man’s flaws.) It is a nice thought, to be able to do everything one wants but it is not possible in today’s day and age.Today’s days are very busy,very crowded there’s just not enough time for people to sit down recollect what their interests and passions used to be when they did have the time to do such stuff and do those,take pleasure out of activities which take time and effort but are amazing once done. I regret it,the fact that today we don’t have the time to be able to do what we like not just for the monthly income but for the pleasure of it.


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