Insanity……Everyone’s a little insane

Okay so a few weeks back I read this Agatha Christie ‘Miss Marple’ book called ‘They Do It With Mirrors’.The title comes from when Miss Marple remembers that what conjurers do are illusions and not reality it is also related to how the murder is done,she remembers how she was fascinated by the conjurer’s trick of cutting a lady into two though that is not the trick,two ladies are used for that trick and how the cat was out of the bag in the newspapers.The beginning however is when her school friend Ruth Van Dyke tells her that she was getting a bad feeling at Stonygates,where her sister,another school friend of Miss Marple’s stays and asks her to go there and check it out.Miss Marple is obliged to as everything has been arranged,Stonygates is not bad as long as Carrie Louise is present.Carrie Louise is an idealist, she has had many many marriages and step-children in all of them,at Stonygates they run a facility to help criminals find out why they did what they did in the first place,Carrie Louise is currently married to Lewis Serrocold and hence also the reference as Mrs.Serrocold.At Stonygates, Miss Marple meets the intriguing and a little retarded Edgar Lawson.At first Miss Marple doesn’t realise it and then figures that the bad feelings her American friend Ruth Van Dyke was getting was from Edgar Lawson who later is found out to be an actor hired by Lewis Serrocold.Then one day when she’s taking a tour of the facilities she asks Dr.Maverick,the psychiatrist at Stonygates about Edgar Lawson.So I ruined most of a story for you guys just to tell you about these two lines, which basically said that everybody is insane and because I don’t exactly remember them I’ll tell you what I do so Miss Marple asked whether Edgar Lawson was actually insane and Dr.Maverick’s answer was “aren’t we all a little dear lady?”
And that hit me hard I mean do any other of you realise this?isn’t this true for all of us,aren’t we all little insane in our own little ways?
If you guys were,god forbid,put into such a situation that you weren’t able to meet your best friends,your siblings,assuming that you did do insanity when with each other and I do believe that that is what happens when one is around his or her best-friends,wouldn’t you crave for that insanity,I have realised that I do.
I have been away from my best-friends for over an year and it is heart-wrenching,without that insanity dose I bottle everything up, I start to hate myself,it’s my friends who actually make me feel alive and make me feel good about myself, every now and then if I haven’t had that dose of insanity I feel the need to break down and I do ,I cry,I cry for no reason at all except that I miss my friends and that life is so hard and I’m not afraid to admit it,around every week or so I NEED that insanity dose I get from being with my best friends,it’s what keeps me from going over the fine line between sanity and insanity.
The irony is that everyone NEEDs to be insane to be sane, to stop ourselves going over that fine line.It is just the way the world is, it is how it is meant to be.Now I know everyone would have heard people trying to console by saying that all the great people were mad and if I take it to be true that everyone is mad and that all the great people were mad indirectly we are all great now this is only the logic for those who just don’t believe whatever good is said about them,people like me but I’d believe so anyways but humanity and each and every one us has to remember that each and every one of us is great,is a genius
I guess this is partly a note to self: believe that you are great!


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